What are the types of membership the Institute gives?

Founders receive lifetime membership


Honorary Fellows




Associate Fellow

Assoc. FPPA

Certified Member


Honorary Member


Institute Member


Associate Member

Assoc. PAI

Corporate Member


Student Member


What does PPA do which is peculiar to other accountancy bodies?

This is a latest audit profession geared towards giving to the auditor’s skills that match with the changing world challenges.

PPA compliments other peer audit professional practices.

Offers a certification which answers global mishaps or fills the gaps left in skilling by traditional peers.

Through skilling instructions and guidance, PPA ensures its products on competency.

And competency is maintained by promoting appropriate service, ethics, integrity and dependability.

Application of standards of auditing and accounting are always followed on a strict basis through expert supervision and,

To ensure all PPA and PAI members comply with regulatory requirements obtaining in the country of practice.

So, What?

This is a post graduate program offering leading to an international Audit qualification with equal attendant rights to practice as a modern audit professional. An authorizing body in countries differs with regulations to award practice license to a qualified Auditor or accountant. So, it depends on every country and board corporate to award PPA a practice license.

We are committed to emphasizing to the Continuing Instruction Professional Audit Knowledge Development-CEPAKD by all our members.

Why do you think there are no skills available and that this is a double work and conflicting with peer accountancy institutes?

Today, the world is not the same as it was a decade ago or a generation ago. The Thinking has changed and we look forward to auditing on the Mars or virtual planets. Notwithstanding, the overwhelming demand for expert auditors is met with skills capacity constraint globally. Economies are stagnant and organizations have collapsed due to fraud and corruption which is endemic almost everywhere in every sector worldwide is cancerous.

Can a PPA practice as a Public Auditor or Accountant?

An authorizing body in countries differs with regulations to award practice license to a qualified Auditor or accountant. As far as PPA qualification is concerned, a PPA is above all well prepared to perform any type of audits professionally above all. It is a self-related profession much required by all stakeholders.

When are examinations held?

In November and December of every year candidates sit one and the same examinations around the world. Students are advised to read Institute publications such as audit magazines namely “The Auditor Focus”.

Who sets examinations?

These are international examinations set by institutes’ board of examiners approved by external and independent council of board of examiners appointed by the institute.

Who should attend the program?

This is a post graduate professional program targeting individuals who want to advance in their career skills such as CPA, CIA and those with any degree are legible for admission.