Gudoi Richard
 Richard Bernard Gudoi Gid’Agui
(President - PAI)

The Professional Auditors Institute-PAI upholds audit professionalism in practice. However, PAI promotes the accessibility of auditors and its members to call on services and its effect on the business growth of stakeholders in any economy.  The  establishment of PAI was after investigation was prompted by the question as to why corporate firms keep failing despite corporate governance mechanism are enshrined their systems yet these corporates and government businesses still  facing daunting challenges in let alone managing the businesses but sustaining them  in terms of finance  and capital  they need  to support their growth  is only not dependable  and post sometimes losses , despite the presence of many  certified public accountancy firms with distinguished leveled and seasoned audit practitioners. Noteworthy of the expert skills we saw ENRON, WORLDCOM, and Banking Institutions, name it but just a few mentioned here highlight what a hell is going on in these companies which have both expert internal and external auditors. Many audit firms face litigation and pay fines is a rising fear that we need to look into. In third world countries, or LDCs, it is even worse since records tracking is also a night mare to get data and information.

So what? Auditors need to be outstanding in all aspects and serve the public and private organisations professionally. In specific terms therefore, the PAI institute has established a postgraduate program to bridge the gap since we believe that the traditional and thematic accountancy institutions have remained basic with only a few that attempt to project innovations but un intentionally leave the rest in almost over 100 countries wanting the yearning for proper services of an expert auditor.

Remember the many firms that failed are found well established and are operating in developed countries as well as developing countries.  It is from this background that PAI is now here to train and properly skill auditors of all trade to handle with all the passion and not the delinquency to serve the public on audit matters.  the level at which the corporate firms and entrepreneurs realize their growth is grappling with details of failure with little or static business growth in terms of sales volume, profitability, expansion, and product range.

Therefore, the audit client relationships are a result of selfless service motivated by passion to advice clients on business growth, and not only that but focus on health and safety and environmental dynamics and information technology among others

Conveniently, at the PAI institute will ready additionally the auditor to perform in environment and impart the audit sills one may not find anywhere in a training accountancy institution as it is on a one stop shopping audit skills center at PAI.  At PAI, an auditor will deliver as an external auditor as well as an internal auditor and or in any other capacity as managers and specialized audit skills well panel beaten to offer services. By so doing corporate organisations, government entities and other stakeholders will realize profit growth, post dividends, get reliable financial results and the expert auditor to witness loved projections in minds of their clients.

Of late there is denial of professional auditing and growing denial is reflected in low levels of the need for audit services in relationship to business growth. This is very significant as we as auditors posit weak positions. If it weren’t the regulatory demands as a requirement by government to have business file audited accounts which in most cases are doctored, they lend themselves prey to litigation and self-denial and find ourselves weak. Yes, when a business of your nature does not give professional advice to business performance then what is left is to deny you work appointed to perform audits because if an organisation is continuously posting loses, what do you expect? Does an auditor have a job in all aspects, you are fired as internal auditor and external auditor and jobs because less and less in employment as well as tax contribution to revenue service authorities dwindle.  Notwithstanding, GDP will be affected. But PAI programs for expert auditor skilling in all retained terms will translate into well protected audit services which will further show business expansion and improve the relationship with all stakeholders. I recommend all prospective members to join with others at the PAI to promote with passion to serve and preserve ethics, transparency, integrity and dependability.

PIA members will at large encourage and release the improvement of organizational performance and see a reduction in fraud and corruption in all sectors employing a Professional Public Auditor-PPA or its members because all of these have sought willingly to serve and not to look for positions and financial benefits. These only come secondary to the prior as for any good work done a corresponding good price is paid for.


 Richard Bernard Gudoi Gid’Agui, PPA, CIA, CFE, CFSA, CGFM
at Professional Auditors Institute-PAI.
Tel: +256783165544.

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