Auditing is a practice that can ably advise management to administer projects and assignments cutting across mainly compliance issues at any and whatever level. The application of auditing standards of any form such as IFRS would reveal compliance or control gaps in every aspect. Such areas regulated globally are heavily loaded that need audit views. Next are data storage spa attracts overload which data calls for the attention of auditors for review.  Furthermore, operational standards which relate to business may not be compliant but there may be gaps that need audit review services. Auditing can profess the argue to audit business expectations against their goals. Therefore, would look at performance. All this said the knowledge base is used to analyse the gaps all over the firm systems which eventually point to the many challenges that auditors face.

Therefore, the auditor is always preparing to do good to defend the profession of auditing. It is not doing good auditing but auditor application skills and assurance services beneficial to all stakeholders matter. The challenges is knowledge end the auditor must keep is professional skills always must be above and competitive to match the international peers and actors.

In auditing, there is no politics and can lead to hold up despite prospects of a disorderly business. External auditors do not have anything to fear from and the specter of audit increased number of listed firms on stock markets.

A PPA is an auditor facing the increasing demand of audit services you need besides continue reading and practicing auditing in a global business.


Richard Gudoi Gid’Agui

President at Professional Auditors Institute-PAI.

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