Serve the world economies and business by applying professionalism in auditing.

 It is the only way as auditors we claim our position as outstanding audit practitioners and trainers and other auditing the auditor which is complaint auditing and the audit performance all types of auditing are done in similar or other audit firms. In the world, audit basics, policies, compliances and controls of any sort are followed. Where audit standards are not complied with such audit assurances and assertions are criminal.

 The auditor holding the   designation ‘PPA’ carries the pride of all. Therefore, with diversified talents that auditors have on soften the tasks to subscribe to the demands of audit voluntarily.

Some Auditors are blamed in queer excess of failed top management responsibility concerns. Some of them abuse their mandate and focus on only unrealistic profits posted in doldrums are bigots with the intentions of dodging taxes. Auditing is performed out of trust for the investors to increase their investment view in a firm.

The services of business auditors have altered recession and demand for all inclusive auditors has plummeted.  As the world economies shrink, the modern skilled audit services rise and are on demand.  Therefore, in controversy, audit expansionary focus rings loud.  To you as a professional auditor, what is your stand and understanding of the profession and what are our next steps to go as auditors in the world where our services are challenged by digital good governance especially in internal auditing as well external auditing?  Is auditing faced with online provision of online tax returns as this service was mostly done by tax auditors? In view of this, what do we have for our clients and what role is the auditor playing at clients and at revenue tax collection centers?


Richard Gudoi Gid’Agui, PPA.

President at Professional Auditors Institute-PAI.

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