Professional Public Auditors’ importance.  Can it be authentic?

Auditing is defined as a control that checks on other controls for the benefit of all stakeholders ranging from private and public \entities such as financial markets and governments.

To be a good auditor you need to be a self motivator so that you are able to look beyond the clients (auditees) firms at the point of disclosures and transparency. It is through the self instinct that you as a professional pubic auditor or holding the certification as Professional Public Auditor ‘-PPA or any other reconsider similar certification like CPA, should look at the inside of the financial story of your clients performance crisis or risks. An expert auditor can then be dependable

Sometimes a solid accountant will explain issues to the auditor outside the approved budgeted activities but the professional auditor must behave in compliance with the IFRS /IAS /GAAP and IPPIA protocols to corner the misery of operational management outputs which could depict lousy financial statements.

As the global economies freak, the professional auditor should not blink and remain authentic. Instead the auditor must look through the lenses of a telescope to unravel risk events that are costly to the organisations. Latest revelation is checking on Madoff Ponzi with grief. Prior to this misnomer we had Enron, Pharlamat, WorldCom,  Lehman Brothers ,and so on  that remind us globally that the past series   of failure of  powerful corporations from internal  controls and fraud risks to cloud risks and cyber crimes have manifested ringing bells of fear . The auditor must keep abreast of emotions and not create disasters that undress the audit practice. Even then, the audit must balance the professionalism a life of commitment with that of normal life which is precarious. We are therefore passionate about audit professional practice in compliance with IAS/GAAP standards (IAS 9) pronouncements and guidelines.


Report fraud and corruption, report graft and financial peddling or impropriety, Without haste, report mishaps in police reports and unattended to complaints, or complaint manipulations by police desk officers, and unfair court proceedings and jurisdictions, report that lawyer who predates on your ignorance and eats your money without doing anything in your favor. Point out red flags. Call on Statehouse anticorruption numbers and or government ombudsman sot impromptu on your televisions spots, mobile phones and publication prints or journals and newspapers. Report local councils for making your issues complex and silent financial demands.

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